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• Each kitchen will contain an integrated 3 compartment
bin system.
• Each house will have access to dedicated refuse
storage areas at ground level either within the private
communal courtyard or within their own rear garden.
• Freeview digital TV and broadband, also Virgin Media
TV and broadband infrastructure has been installed
in each house to enable the occupiers to obtain these
services from their preferred service provider. All set
top boxes and decoders are to be provided by future
• Telephone outlets to living room spaces and master
bedrooms: Virgin Media broadband outlets in all
• Limited secure weather protected cycle storage will be
provided for in the secure communal courtyard.
• The development has been designed and specified to
seek to achieve Secure by Design accreditation.
• A secure private communal court will be provided at the
heart of the development – accessed via a vehicular and
pedestrian security gate off Cleminson Street.
• Secure dedicated parking will be provided within the
courtyard and bollard secured parking bays along
Upper Cleminson Street.
• Each house will have external lighting located adjacent
external entry doors.
• Each house will be provided with a 230v Fire Alarm
system comprising of heat and smoke detectors with
built in sounders.
• Each house will have secure Pas 24 door sets; each
fitted with dedicated letterboxes.
• Houses on Encombe Place will have video entry
• Every house will offer a 10 years new home Warranty
from Premier Guarantee.
• The homes have been specifically designed
to enhance the areas’ built environment while
adapting to climate change and advancing
towards a low carbon future. A number
of sustainable design features have been
incorporated to achieve this and consequently
drive down energy bills.
• The features incorporated are as outlined
- Improved insulation to the walls, floor, roof and
windows to prevent heat loss which will reduce
utility bills.
- Space and hot water heating within each home
will be generated by an energy efficient gas
fired combination boiler.
- An occupant controlled zoned heating
system is provided to further minimise energy
- The facades of the homes are designed to
optimise natural daylighting and reduce the
requirement of artificial lighting.
- Low energy light fittings are provided
throughout again to reduce energy
- Energy efficient white goods are supplied to
each home.
- Utility metering to monitor energy and water
consumption thus enabling occupants to
reduce usage.
- A home user guide will be provided to aid
occupants in how to understand and operate
their home efficiently.
- Provision of external space allowing occupants
to dry clothes naturally to promote a reduced
energy means of drying clothes.
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