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imekeepers Square is a truly unique
development in a setting steeped in
From the magnificent St. John’s Cathedral dating
back to the mid 19th Century to one of the city’s
architectural gems of St. Philip’s Church – both of
which can be seen from the homes within
Timekeepers Square.
Staying close to the church and its grounds, the view
of the Old County Court comes into sight – a scene
captured by the famous Salfordian artist, LS Lowry
in the 1926 piece ‘By the county court’.
From here, Bank Place and Encombe Place, which
surround Timekeepers Square, also boasts another
of Lowry’s masterpieces, ‘By St. Philip’s Church’.
An enchanting, peaceful and historical wonderland
exists around a number of famous cultural landmarks.
The ‘Seed’ sculpture designed by Michael McKeon
in 2002 and the plaques which tell stories of local
residents, old Ged Burns and Mrs Pickles and her
son Snakey Joe.
Finally, just nestled behind the cathedral, an oasis
of calm with a tree-lined square where you can
sit and consider the imposing stained glass east
window designed by William Wailes.
Time really has stood still with this very special
opportunity to live in a home that will always tell
a story.
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